#9 Data Portrait

Created in P5 by Lia.


Flowers have always been comforting for me. For this week I recored the blossom and wither of those roses in my room. The bunch of 9 roses contains two yellow ones, a pink one, two white ones and four orange little ones. They are not blooming at the same time, nor withering at the same time.

Design Process


For the 7-day's data, I collected the status of the flowers on my desk.
I wish to visualize this data from two different perspectives: the bloom/wither status and the smell. The two data of each day together decide the scale of the ellipse, and the color is picked from the photo I took.
The bloom/wither status of the flower is represented by the number range from 0 to 1, and the scent ranges from 0 to 5. json check my code here


It is still tricky to play with blendMode( ) but the result is comforting :p
For the json file I recorded my data from 0 to 1, which turned out to be too small casue I need to add * 50 at the end of each calculation. A bigger difference between each data might be helpful to bringing a more obvious change in the shape.