#1 Lost and Found

Created in P5 by Lia, based on Faye's description.


"It was a silver ring forged by myself. Since I was new to jewelry making, I didn’t expect myself to make something sophisticated or refine. I made it deliberately crude but smoothed out the surface to be comfortable enough for wearing. I also put my initials on the inside of the ring."

Design Process

According to my partner Faye, the object he lost is a self-made silver ring, with hand-carved traces on the surface, but smoothened a bit.

I found it rather difficult to draw an irregularly shaped ring with 2D primitives, so at first I thought about using multiple views to demonstrate it. But later I realized I need to draw a polygon with more than 10 edges for the main view so I give up 😅 Nor do I have enough skill to write complex programs for low-poly effect. While I was playing around with the blendMode( ), I happened to realize the HARD_LIGHT mode can create an overlapping effect, which can simulate the polyhedron surface.

In the end, I used the blendMode( HARD_LIGHT ) and blendMode( DARKEST ) to show the bright and dark part on the outside surface of the ring respectively, overlaying on a ring base, which is formed with two ellipses under with blendMode( ), one ellipse above those as the inside surface and another one as a mask on top with the same color of the background.

Additionally, the whole picture looked a bit boring and simple, so I created some vibrant color variations with the blendMode( DIFFERENCE ). check my code here


*sigh* Not easy to make a good drawing with only basic coding skills… But stepping out of the mindset could actually help to find new ways of realizing the design. Push( ) and Pop( ) works like the layers in illustrator for me, but I feel that my code is being a bit wordy due to the repeated settings. I’m quite satisfied with the color I came up with, hopefully I’ll find ways to improve this drawing in other aspects :/