#5 Anti-Surveillance Tool

Cre by Lin P5ated ia.


This jigsaw puzzle is a diary in a disorderly order, and you can check the original diary when you press your mouse. But note that you will always leave a trace behind....

Design Process

Concept 1

The term “liquid surveillance” is defined by David Lyon, which describes the flow of information in the surveillance system. As we’re getting more and more used to sharing our lives on the social media platform, we actively give our data to the broad network and also, to each other, whether friends or strangers. This creates a system where our data flows like staggered rivers and intersect with each other. It is getting a lot easier to know a person when you have his/her social media, which mean it’s also easier to stalk on someone or “steal” from someone as well.
Wearing a social “mask” is like a method to avoid surveillance from people around you.

  1. Create a grid bar representing how I feel right now. Blue for sorrow and pink for happy.
  2. Make a clip art character in the middle of the canvas, having no facial expression.
  3. If (mouseIsClicked), pops random sentences like “how are you feeling today” or “are you okay”, the character wears different masks representing different emotions (create the mask with clip art as well).
Concept 2

Why are you peeking at my diary?

  1. Create a clip art using a dairy and simple geometry.
  2. Divide the picture into 25 pieces puzzle
  3. Draw a 5*5 grid
  4. Place the puzzle pieces into the grid in without order
  5. If (mouseIsClicked) {Reverse the order of the puzzle}

I choose to go with the second concept. The diary excerpt is from Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman.

check my code here


Remaining problems:
  1. How to avoid having two pieces overlapping in the same square?
  2. Is it possile to move the puzzle pieces around with the mouse, but in the path of the grid?
  3. Is it possible to apply this puzzle to any user uploaded image? Should be more interactive and fun!
  4. Is it possible to use a function when preloding images? There's almost 30 lines here....

Big thanks to Elenaaaa & EEEEEEddieeeeee!