#7 Bitmap Game

Created by Lia in an upside-down dream with the help of P5js.




"In our dreams we have seen another world. . . . And this new, true world was not a dream from the past; it was not something that came from our ancestors. It came to us from the future; it was the next step that we had to take."
—Subcomandante Marcos, 1994

There are many theory about how your dreams are related to your real life. We all have experienced the joy of having something you’ve always wanted in your dream and wake up disappointed that it was just a dream. In Dream Cage, you got to make the decision whether you wish to stay in a beautiful dream or wake up and get back to the ugly reality.

Design Process

Basic Setup
  1. It’s a starry night, you’re drinking alone on the balcony when a star dropped in your glass but you didn’t notice. After you finish that drink, you fall asleep quickly.
  2. you’re having a dream. “Waking up” in the dream, you found yourself in a room you’re familiar with but there’s also something weird about it. Later you realize that only part of this room is from the real world, and the rest is your illusion. If you wanna really wake up from this dream, you gotta find all the objects that’s not real and throw it out of your room… even though you really like it. Otherwise, you’ll stay in this dream forever.
  3. check on each object in the room to see the hidden information and try to figure out which ones are from the real world.
  4. when you successfully deleted all your illusion, you’ll wake up in the balcony again with the sunrise.
  5. or… doesn’t sound so bad to stay here forever with things you love right? Does it really matter if it’s your illusion or not?
  6. play again
Table of objects
Object Illusion or not Checkable Info
A photo of your dog Yes This is your pet dog called Fuzzy. But the fact is you don’t have a real dog, you only have a dog toy bought from Ikea.
A bunch of flower No You love flowers, you buy flowers every week for yourself. This is real.
A key chain No This is a keychain you bought in Finland with reflective materials, which will shine when spotted with car lights. This is real.
A poetry book Yes You love poetry. But you can’t really understand it. So this is fake.
A music record Yes You have a collection of music records. But you don’t even have a phonograph… so it’s not real.
check my code here


Remaining problems:

  1. If you've got to the end and pressed ENTER to start agian, all the objects are not showing when you reach to scene 8.

Big thanks to Elenaaaa & EEEEEEddieeeeee & Aceeeeeeee!