#8 Consentful Interfaces

Created in P5 by Lia with repect to your personality.


This is a dashboard for the introverted group guided by the F.R.I.E.S rule.

Design Process


Based on the Introverted dashboard I made for assignment 6 Experimental camera, I clarified the workflow of the camera and added some DOM elements to the interface, such as choice buttons, profile information input bar, avatar upload selector, and screenshot button.
To make the camera consentful, the user will be given the choice to allow access to the webcam or not. If the user regretted and wanna give permission to the webcam, he/she can always start again anytime. Also, if the user wish to stop the camera, he/she can just click on the button “I’m done”.

Here are my efforts on making this camera consentful according to the F.I.R.E.S regulation:

  1. Freely Given: no pressure on whether you agreed to use your web-cam or not, if you don’t want to use it, “we respect your privacy”.
  2. Reversible: you can always come back to start again, or stop when you have played enough.
  3. Informed: inform the user that if you choose to try this camera, we’ll need your webcam.
  4. Enthusiastic: the user can still get the core idea of the major difference between introverts and extroverts even if they don’t wanna try the camera related function.
  5. Specific: the function of this camera is really simple that it doesn’t involve other use of private data.
check my code here