#4 Exquisite Corpse

Created in P5 by Lia, co-working with my partner Jingjing Sun.


The Yoga deer lives in the forest. Every morning she goes to the lakeside and does yoga for an hour. Her stomach is ticklish, every time she does the stretching, her firefly friends will deliberately fly to her belly to make her laugh. However, the laughter of the yoga deer is inaudible but visible, like pink bobbles coming out to the air.

Design Process

I’m in a pair of two for this week’s assignment, my partner is Jingjing Sun. The sketch I got from her is a young woman doing yoga, stretching herself. My sketch is a deer that love to play with the firefly. So I decided to combine the upper body and head of the yoga woman and the lower body of the deer. The cursor will become a firefly in the canvas, when the firefly is with the area of the yoga deer’s belly, the yoga deer will laugh and creates pink bobbles.


  1. Define function for the head and body.
  2. Inside function draw, draw ellipse (mouseX, mouseY) to represent the firefly
  3. When mouseX and mouseY are within the belly area, draw ellipse(random), fill(pink, 150); mouth change from a line to a triangle. Create pink bobbles.

check my code here


In this assignment, the function works like a user defined sticker.
Remaining problems:

  1. This page is using significant memory and energy.
  2. How to change the frameRate of the bubbles but not that of the cursor?
  3. Will come back later to improve the color!